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Hotel Chocolat All Things Easter Hamper!


 Max Tickets 10 Per Person



Prize Details:

What do you think of when you hear the word Easter? We’ve put together a generous hamper which we think sums up the holiday rather well. Available online only, the All Things Easter is a comprehensive collection of bunnies, eggs, cute characters and quirky treats. Whether you gift it to a friend, share with family, or tuck in all by yourself, there’s plenty to go around.

Milk, white, dark, and our Unbelievably Vegan* Nutmilk nibbles make an appearance. The All Things Easter Hamper includes:

City Bunnies – 32 dashing Easter bunnies, dressed to impress in solid milk or dark chocolate. Perfect for treating your taste buds on the go.

City Bunny Selectors – joining our solid chocolate pals are these delicious filled characters, with their smart bow ties. With Caramel, Oranges & Lemons, and Unbelievably Vegan* options, you can enjoy gooey caramel, creamy white chocolate, and irresistibly smooth Nutmilk.

Happy Easter H-Box – 15 chocolate tiddly eggs. You’ll find classic caramels and pralines, and tipples to savour. We’ve even got some special seasonal recipes, like the Boozy Simnel Cake — a chocolatier’s tribute to Easter traditionalists.

Chocolate Spread Sandwich –a fun take on a lunchtime sarnie. Authentic bread-shaped slices of solid chocolate, complete with a smooth milk praline half egg on each side.

Salted Caramel Hard Boiled Egg – a new angle on the classic Easter goodies. This Hotel Chocolat twist not only offers a stylish design but also brings you delectably smooth caramel chocolate, boasting notes of malted biscuit and caramelised sugar. A pinch of sea salt enhances and lifts those nuanced flavours.

This ample Easter collection is ready to share or stash. So gather your loved ones or tuck it away somewhere safe — the choice is yours!

*Please note that, although our Unbelievably Vegan recipes contain no dairy, this product has been made in the same environment as our milk chocolate so we cannot guarantee it is free from milk.

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